Individually wrapped, 100% Bio-Degradable, Food Safe Paper Straws

Available in approximately 10 mm in diameter (1000 units).

  • Product proudly manufactured in the Republic of South Africa
  • Making use of the finest FDA-approved paper with no chemical residue, additives that will alter the taste and appearance of the product. (Product Registration Number 48589U18)
  • Our Glue component neither contains oil as part of the formulation, nor mineral oil, which is obtained from hydrocarbons of petroleum origin. (Product Registration Number SDS: 457942)
  • Waxes and Coatings is a water-based, heat seal resistant, high-performance barrier coating, suitable for application onto carton board, Kraft liners, and papers. The product is specifically formulated to impart a flexible, block-resistant coating offering wide grease, oil, water, and moisture barrier. (SABS Certified product)

All Data, MSDS, and Certification are available on customer request.