Individually wrapped, 100% Bio-Degradable, Food Safe Paper Straws

Available in 6 mm (1600 units), 8mm (1400 units) and 10 mm (1000 units).

  • Product proudly manufactured in the Republic of South Africa
  • Making use of the finest FDA approved paper with no chemical residue, additives that will alter the taste and appearance of the product. (Product Registration Number 48589U18)
  • Our Glue component neither contains oil as part of the formulation, nor mineral oil, which is obtained from hydrocarbons of petroleum origin. (Product Registration Number SDS: 457942)
  • Waxes and Coatings is a water-based, heat seal resistant, high-performance barrier coating, suitable for application onto carton board, Kraft liners and papers. Product is specifically formulated to impart a flexible, block resistant coating offering wide grease, oil, water, and moisture barrier. (SABS Certified product)

All Data, MSDS and Certification available on customer request.

Distributors and bulk orders volume discounts available.

The outer wrapper can be customized to the customer’s specification.  Two colours print available, in-register printing on customer request. (Additional charges apply).  See examples…

“Help save our Planet”