100% Bio-Degradable, Compostable, Food Safe Paper Straws

  • Product proudly manufactured in South Africa.
  • Non-soggy, residue-free paper straws remain rigid hours in liquid compared fully with plastic straws, with the advantage of being environmentally friendly and fully biodegradable.
  • Make use of the finest FDA-approved paper with no chemical residue, or additives that will alter the taste and appearance of the product.
  • Our Glue component neither contains oil as part of the formulation, nor mineral oil, that is obtained from hydrocarbons of petroleum origin.
  • Waxes and Coatings is a water-based, heat seal-resistant, high-performance barrier coating, suitable for paper applications. The product is specifically formulated to impart a flexible, block-resistant coating offering a wide grease, oil, water, and moisture barrier. (SABS Certified product)

** All Data, MSDS, and Certification are available on customer request.

Product Range:

Cold drinks & Milkshake Natural Premium Straws

( ~8mm) x 190mm

Pack size – 1400 units

Product Code: BES8NC

Double Thick Natural Premium Straws ( ~10mm) x 190mm

Pack size – 1000 units

Product Code: BES10NC

Double Thick Natural Premium Straws

( ~10mm) x 210mm

Pack size – 1000 units

Product Code: BE10NC

Jumbo Natural Premium Straws ( ~12mm) x 210mm

Pack size – 700 units

Product Code: BES12NC

Advantages of using our paper straws !!!

  • Our paper straws are manufactured locally in South Africa with 100% natural paper that will not leave you with any chemical taste, spoiling a perfectly prepared plate of food or drink.
  • The machine-finished texture will provide you with a thin, smooth straw with no cardboard taste and feel on your lips.
  • This straw is also manufactured with one aim, that it will stay intact and not become soggy for up to 3 hours in liquid, and can remain there for up to 12 hours still fully usable but with the main attribute that it will break down fully and course no harm to the environment.
  • All products used in the manufacturing process are 100% food grade as well as being biodegradable.

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